The LMG Life Sciences team has officially begun its 2024 Americas research period, comprising a thorough survey of the life sciences legal market that seeks to recognize the top law firms and attorneys in the industry sector through accreditations and awards.

A key part of the research process is the firm submission, which will be due on May 31, 2024. The submission is comprised of a practice overview and sections for matters in order to highlight legal services provided to life sciences clients.

The submission format has changed this year, and will now be accessed online using the platform Awardforce. With this change we hope to offer a convenient and collaborative method for creating and uploading submissions. Access to the Awardforce portal can be found here. If you have any questions related to use of Awardforce or need access to the portal, please contact

Continuing from last year, LMG Life Sciences is accepting submissions from firms in Brazil and Mexico. If your firm is based in either country, or has an office there with a life sciences team, we are happy to receive a submission from your practice for awards consideration.


Please read below some useful tips and FAQs related to this year’s research:


What is the submission process?

This year we have changed the submission to an online format, using the platform Awardforce. The change is to ensure efficiency on both the firm side and internally for our research team. Questionnaires will no longer be submitted in a Word document format to Legal Media Group's Accreditation Portal. The LMG Life Sciences Awardforce portal can be accessed here.


Why is it important for firms to participate each year?

The least we expect from firms each year is firm questionnaire and client referees submissions. Regardless of whether your firm is currently ranked or not, it is imperative to submit these each year because everything we publish is subject to change. We believe that annual participation demonstrates that your firm’s life sciences practice is credible and active.

Furthermore, we may find information in your submission which may positively influence our decision when considering firms for the rankings, Life Sciences stars lists and awards.


Is there a fee to pay or cost to participate in your research?

None at all.


Which jurisdictions are included in the research this year?

This research launch is focused on life sciences markets in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. We also now cover the EMEA life sciences market, which is conducted through a separate research period beginning in the Fall. For questions about EMEA research, contact awards researcher


When is the submission due?

Firm submissions are due on May 31, 2024.


When do you start your interviews?

The research team will begin taking interview requests as soon as research launches on April 11, and can be scheduled for a time slot in May or June. If your firm prefers to select interviewees internally, please notify before April 30, otherwise researchers may begin contacting individuals directly. Upon notification we will then coordinate through the main firm contact, instead of reaching out to your partners directly via the upcoming interview request email campaign.

Due to the volume of firms we interact with, we can allow up to 2 firm interviews maximum.


When and where will you publish the 2024 firm rankings and other results?

Firm rankings, attorney rankings and analysis from the 2024 research cycle will be published online in late September. The LMG Life Sciences Americas Awards results will also be announced in September.


Can you briefly explain the research process?

Our methodology for the firm rankings, stars lists and awards is based on a weighted system of peer, client and firm feedback, combined with an independent review of all information obtained including firm questionnaires and publicly available information. Please read more about our methodology here.