LMG Life Sciences Awards Americas 2022: winners to be announced

Winners for the 2022 LMG Life Sciences Americas Awards will be revealed on September 8 at the Essex House in New York City. If you are recognized and would like to inquire about attendance or sponsorship opportunities, please contact george.reeves@euromoneyny.com.

To view this year's finalists, please visit here.

Last year's winners resulting from the 2021 research period can be found here.



About the awards



Launched in 2020, the LMG Life Sciences Europe Awards is the latest effort to capture one of the most dynamic life sciences markets. For more information about the research and methodology, visit here.

A full list of the 2021 winners for Europe can be found here.

North America

Research is currently under way for the 2022 awards program covering the United States and Canada. Shortlists are announced in July, with results set for a September 8 release.