Legal Media Group has officially launched the 2018 LMG Life Sciences research cycle. The online firm survey portal is now active, and the research team will begin accepting requests for partner interviews.

Below are some useful tips and FAQs related to this year’s research:


Why is it important for firms to participate each year?

The least we expect from firms each year is firm questionnaire and client referees submissions. Regardless of whether your firm is currently ranked or not, it is imperative to submit these each year because everything we publish is subject to change. We believe that annual participation demonstrates that your firm’s life sciences practice is credible and stable.

Furthermore, we may find information in your submission which may positively influence our decision when considering firms for the rankings, IP stars lists and awards.


Is there a fee to pay or cost to participate in your research?

None at all.


Are there any changes this year?

This year, the firm questionnaire will be in a Word document format. Once completed, firms will submit the questionnaire through SurveyMonkey. This change was made based on feedback from last year to ease the information gathering process for firms.

Which jurisdictions are included in the research this year?

This year's research cycle will be solely focused on the United States life sciences market. 


How can I fill out the firm questionnaire and where do I submit?

The firm questionnaire template can be downloaded here. Once completed, the questionnaire can be submitted through the SurveyMonkey portal.


When is the questionnaire due?

Firm questionnaires are due on May 31, 2018.


When do you start your interviews?

The research team is now accepting interview requests from firms. At the start, we will offer the opportunity for firms to internally coordinate which partners to put forward for interviews. Then after a few weeks into research, we will directly contact star partners from firms that have not engaged us with interview requests.

Due to the volume of firms we interact with, we can allow up to 4 partner interviews maximum.

For interviews related to intellectual property, contact Chris Adams. For regulatory and transactions, contact Brittany Sharoff.


When and where will you publish the 2018 firm rankings and other results?

Results from the 2018 research cycle will be published online and in the print guide in late August to early September.


Can you briefly explain the research process?

Our methodology for the firm rankings, stars lists and awards is based on a weighted system of peer, client and firm feedback, combined with an independent review of all information obtained including publicly available information. Please read more about our methodology here.